Matt was in Tofino for work so I tagged along and got to meet a great bunch of people that Matt works with. I quasi-learned to surf and we had an incredible beach bbq but first I had to catch a plane ride in a mini-plane with a 12-year-old pilot.

Mom and Dad Take Seattle

A few weeks ago I visited my folks in BC and since I'd already spent a lot of time in Victoria, we decided to take a road trip to Seattle. I like the last shot best.


I visited my family in Victoria in early May. Here are a few images from the trip, including what I call the "Cat Throne" in my parents' office. Also, it was certainly not February when I was there. Change the calendar already mom!

Matt wins a Canadian Screen Award

SO excited that Matt (as a producer on Call Me Fitz) won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Comedy Series. I couldn't let Matt leave for the awards without getting a few photos. He's my favourite photo subject.

Eat With Gusto

Samantha Shepherd (@samshep7) was my roommate in university at Queen's. Fun fact: we lived in a house of six girls and we only had one bathroom. Can you imagine? I don't know how we survived.

Now that we're all grown up it came as no surprise to me that she has become a fancy editor and writer with a focus on food, wine and style. Recently Sam started the blog Eat With Gusto and I was lucky enough to partner up with her for some photos to accompany her blog entry on fennel and blood orange salad.

Here are just a few shots from the day. To read the full post, which includes the recipe, check it out here.

Oh yeah, and I had to include a shot of her super cute baby Rory who jumped away happily as we worked.

10th Anniversary of the Blackout in Toronto

Wow. Ten years have passed since the blackout in Toronto. So why not have a celebration with music and bikes and fire? I shot this street party for the Globe and Mail, organized to mark how Torontonians made the best of a bleak night 10 years ago. It ended with the party shutting down the intersection of Queen and Roncesvalles.

Beautiful Green Home

I photographed this stunning home for the Globe and Mail's recent article on houses that have been built to withstand our increasingly volatile climate. This home, just blocks from where we live (so nice to walk to an assignment!), was designed by the architect who lives there to have a green roof, a wood burning stove to keep it warm in the cold winter and large windows that open to allow for cross breeze to help cool it in the summer. In addition to being an environmentally-friendly home, it was absolutely gorgeous design-wise. I loved the art and the furniture. An absolute inspiration.

Drinking in Trinity Bellwoods

Drinking in Trinity Bellwoods Park is turning into a big issue in Toronto with local homeowners upset that the park is being overtaken by 20-something hipsters who use it as their personal patio.

I shot some people enjoying a drink in the park for the Globe and Mail. No one was rowdy or out of control - everyone seemed to just be having a good time.

A Prince!

I can now say that I have photographed royalty.

For this assignment I photographed a real life Prince - Prince Reza Pahlavi, the son of the deposed Shah of Iran - for the Globe and Mail.

Pahlavi's father was overthrown by the Iranian Revolution in 1979, but according to the Persian Constitution of 1906, Prince Reza Pahlavi is still the heir to the Persian throne, essentially making him the Prince of Persia (no, not like the video game).

It was the first time in my life that I actually used the words "Your highness" without sarcasm and took art direction from a security detail. Staff nixed the area I originally staked out to shoot in, instead selecting what they decided was a far better choice - a large empty ballroom (who hoo!) - and allowing only 20 minutes for the interview thereby forcing me to shoot during it. But hey, Princes are busy dudes.

Also, FYI, the Prince digs Canon, and wondered, "Why do I see so many journalists with Nikon cameras?" I started to explain but he was whisked away by his security detail.

Mom and Dad do the ROM

My parents live in Victoria BC (ok fine, Sidney BC, just outside of Victoria) so I don't get to see them as much as I'd like. That's why I was thrilled when they came to visit me in May. They helped me with some work around the house, some gardening and we managed a few touristy trips around the city, including a visit to the ROM, which I documented (some of the shots are obviously not of them).

Thanks to both of you for being good sports while I chased you with my camera. I love you guys. Come back and visit again soon!

Grocery Man

I trekked up to Markham to photograph a few Asian grocery stores for the Globe and Mail. This is Manoj Biswas, vice president of corporate affairs for Oriental Foods and Al-Premium Food Mart, at Oriental Food Mart. I was in a bit of a rush to get to my next shoot, otherwise I would have grabbed some food to go.