CPAR Clinic in Lira

I visited the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief clinic just outside of Lira in northern Uganda earlier this year. The clinic is doing some amazing work, especially with such limited resources. It was a bit of an emotional drain - seeing newborn babies, people getting their AIDS test results back and sick babies. Still, the CPAR staff are doing great work in the local community and it was wonderful to be a witness to it all, even if only for a few hours.

Esther Anyango sits on the bed of her daughter Luna Atim (age 2 months) who is sick with malaria and pneumonia in the CPAR clinic's ward.

Denis Okori and Joan Akelho wait to get their AIDS test results back before getting married. The results came back negative and the couple are now free to get married.

Scovic Atim anxiously awaits her appointment at the CPAR clinic to get test results back.

A boy waits to see a physician at a the CPAR clinic.

Women sign up for appointments under a tree to get their babies immunized.

Rebecca Akullo gets some sun outside the CPAR maternity clinic after being born only six days earlier.

Immaculate Akeleo (age 1) plays in the ward in the CPAR clinic.

Brian Odongo (one year and eight months old) plays on a bike while his mother waits for an appointment to get him immunized at the CPAR clinic.