Julian Schnabel

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is one of my favourite movies. I first saw it in the theatre while in photo school and I remember being amazed at how it looked. It was this giant screen of beautiful colours - gorgeous, blown out highlights, bizarre framing and focus on tiny details. The story itself is incredible, but for me it was all about the way that it looked.

I photographed the filmmaker behind The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Julian Schnabel, at the AGO. I know him as a filmmaker, but he's an accomplished artist - producing giant, modern paintings - which are in a show that runs at the AGO from September 1st until the end of the year.

He's known as a pretentious prima donna. He's been known to wear long robes and monogrammed slippers and is even quoted as once saying, "“I’m as close to Picasso as you’re going to get in this [expletive deleted] life!" but I was impressed at how down-to-earth he seemed during the walk-around with media.

The best parts about him were his shoes and socks. Check them out.