20 X 200

Photography is beautiful. Photography can also be quite expensive. That's why I am in love with Jen Beckman's website 20 X 200. Their mission is simple - make art affordable for everyone.

Via the 20X200 website, they introduce at least two new editions a week: one photo and one work on paper, and offer limited editions of the work in a few different sizes (depending on the image). Most pieces offer:

- 200 copies of the 8" X 10" image at $20
- 500 copies of the 11"x14" image at $50
- 20 copies of the 16 "x 20" image at $200

For some prints they also offer larger images (around $500 - $2000) in a series of 10 or 2.

Every single print is delivered with a numbered certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist, the artist's bio and statement, and instructions for caring for your print.

My boyfriend got me this 11" X 14" of VII photographer Don Weber's print for my birthday two years ago:

We also bought this 11" X 14" of Alex Brown's Sad Vader.

Today I just purchased this 11" X 14" piece by Christian Chaize:

I also dream of these images (sometimes I "visit" them on the internet):

Mike Sinclair's beauty pic of fireworks

Joseph O Holmes' taxi print

Mike Sinclair's beautiful Nevada lights

Jeremy Kohm's amusement park stunner

Until the end of March they have a March Madness sale going on where everyday they're selling one 11" X 14" image for $30 until 5 pm. Check in on their website, on facebook or on twitter for more information.