I now know too much about recycling

I spent the morning with the folks at Tremco for a piece on green solutions. Tremco makes sealants and waterproofing products and they've decided to make zero waste go to landfill for their manufacturing. So they're recycling everything - wood, metal, plastics and cardboard.

The shoot was a little tricky given that I had to shoot while wearing security glasses at the same time as my glasses - they insisted I wear them. There were also a number of space constraints since there were only so many "safe" places to stand and photograph. Finally, let's be honest here, there's only so much that actually needs to be recycled that I could photograph.

It took a bit to get everyone to stop looking at me as they threw their recycling into the bins or piles (what's with this impulse?! just be natural, pretend like I'm not here!!), despite telling everyone several times to just do their thing and try to ignore me. Their PR person must have gotten them all worked up to pose, which was slightly frustrating, but they eventually figured it all out.

We had a long chat about recycling and while I do enjoy learning new things, I'm afraid I know way more than I ever really wanted to know.