David Dunlap Observatory

The people of Richmond Hill don't want more suburban housing, they want to preserve their now dwindling green space - at least that's what Karen Cievitz believes. She's part of a group defending the 100-acre David Dunlap Observatory property, which is currently slated to be turned into housing.

Yay! More suburban housing! Urban sprawl! Wicked!!! (I grew up in the suburbs so I'm allowed to be sarcastic on this subject.)

Yes, I know that the actual observatory isn't in the picture. It's deep in the woods, on private property, and can't be seen from the public space. This screwed me up a bit when I arrived since I imagined that the iconic observatory would be in the photo somewhere, but as I'm finding, we can't always get what we want.

Still, Karen was an eager subject and it was nice to take some time to walk around the park to learn about the space. It is a beautiful - and rare - space. I hope they find some way to preserve it.