Sustainable Farming

Some days my job is just too good.

I spent the afternoon driving to a farm in Grimsby to spend the afternoon photographing on a farm.

The sun was shining, the drive was beautiful and I was getting paid to take photos. Days like this I think I'm the luckiest person in the world.

Lori Stahlbrand is the President and Founder of Local Food Plus. The non-profit organization certifies farmers and producers based on criteria created by the organization to reflect sustainability, local food, humane treatment of animals and staff and environmental standards. Duncan Smith is one of those certified farmers.

Smith, the farmer at Two Century Farm in Grimsby showed me around his farm - from the cherry trees, to the just-barely growing peaches, to the sprouting tomato plants. Then his daughter sent me home with fresh roses from their garden.

Doesn't get much better than that.