Minor Hockey

Hockey has been under a lot of scrutiny lately - from headshots, to Sidney Crosby's concussion, to NHL player suicides - and this has begun to spill over into the minor leagues.

I spent some time shooting local GTHL games for the Globe and Mail and it was nice to be back at the rink since, as a player myself, I spent most of my childhood at the arena. There was something strangely comforting about being in the stands during a game.

The GTHL had just introduced new headshot rules and it was clear that the fans, coaches and players were not happy. The refs were calling everything and the penalty boxes were filling up.

Personally I think it's important for safety and it's only a matter of time before everyone adjusts and the pace of the game picks back up but not everyone agrees. I listened to some call-in shows on CBC and many felt that it was ruining the flow of the game. This shocked me since it's about their children's safety and after all it's just a game, right?