Mash Up

I've not been feeling super awesome for the last few weeks so I haven't been a very good blogger. Here are a bunch of editorial portraits that I'm sharing with you since I've been putting off posting these for too long.

I'd really hoped to do a single entry on each of the people in the portraits since they all have a great story to share but I'm just going to have to admit that it's not going to happen. So here they are, all mashed up together.

One great thing about my job is that I consistently meet amazing people with incredible stories. Below you'll find images of a portfolio manager, Canada's first MP of Tamil-descent elected to the House of Commons, a violinist with the TSO, a woman who sells insurance on law cases, an educator who founded her own school, an aboriginal actor and choreographer, a rabbi who was lovely and charismatic and made me want to become Jewish just so that I could attend his synagogue, a business owner in Richmond Hill and a woman who found out that her husband had sexually assaulted two women in her house while she was away. The range of their stories is simply astonishing.

I will never get over the variety of people my job brings me in contact with. It's amazing and I love that everyone has a story to shrare.