The Big Dig - Elton McDonald

So you know the story. A mysterious hand-dug tunnel was discovered near Jane and Finch near York University. People's minds immediately went to the worst when speculating - it was the work of terrorists, murderers or drug dealers.

Turns out the tunnel was dug by Elton McDonald, a 22-year-old just looking for a little quiet time and place to practice his constructions skills.

I photographed Elton for Maclean's magazine and he is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever shot. He was shy, soft-spoken and incredibly endearing. His family politely endured us taking over their living room with photo gear, monopolizing their time and asking Elton to do multiple wardrobe changes.

Here's hoping that Elton gets to dig more big projects in the future! Check out the Maclean's story here.