Women's March on Washington

I just got home from the Women's March on Washington where I photographed a part of the Canadian contingent marching in the Women's March on Washington in DC for the Canadian Press.

I arrived Friday night after the inauguration and was staying in a hotel right in the heart of the balls in Washington. The hotel lobby showed me just how divided the US was. Visually, you could see exactly which "side" people were on - Trump supporters in fur, ballgowns, tuxedoes or red "Make America Great Again" hats and people who opposed Trump wearing pink pussy hats. Since I wasn't dressed in either, people asked me, "Are you with all this protest nonsense?" (how Trump supporters asked) or "Are you marching tomorrow?" (how Women's March people asked). What everyone was really asking is, "Are you with us or against?"

The march itself was incredible. It was amazing how many women showed up. It was so inspiring and I only hope that it's just the start of something big. I spent the majority of the time just trying to keep up with the Canadians I was shooting (then filing). It was crowded and at every turn there were endless streams of marchers. After leaving the Canadians to file it was impossible to track them down again in the sea of people so I took a few photos of the march for myself but mainly tried to take it in as it wrapped up.

Big shoutouts to two fellow Canadian badass photographers that I was so proud to shoot alongside:

Sarah Palmer

who was down there photographing for the Walrus and Maclean's and

Jennifer Roberts

who shot an amazing series of portraits that ran on the front page and throughout today's Globe and Mail. These guys were amazing to travel with, text to share information and excitement with and to take in the craziness of it all. It's certainly an experience I will never forget.