Some Writing

Ok, so I have received a few complaints (at least someone is reading) that my blog, while visually interesting, "sucks" on the writing front. I'm told that I am supposed to provide more interesting writing like the monkey post on my travel blog from 2006.

Click here for the original, not so clean version of this post and click here for the cleaned up version that ran in the Globe and Mail.

Seriously? I get attacked by monkeys in Thailand, survive to write about it and it's all people remember from that trip? Plus you want more?

Now, I did go back and read over some of my entries on this blog and have noticed that they are written like "mom e-mails". You know what I am talking about - the ones you get from your mother that say,

"Dear Della. Went to mall today. Bought shoes. Not sure if I like them. Oh well. Can always return them. Love, Mom."

This got me thinking - why haven't I been writing? And why has the limited writing I have been doing been so mom-like?

The only conclusion that I've come to is that I've spent the last two years training my brain to think visually, in pictures, and less verbally. While I was traveling I was reading a lot of books, which I think was training my brain verbally, and that came out in my writing.

I have no proof of this. I think I might just be me. Probably.