I can't believe a tornado actually struck the GTA. It's so Wizard of Oz.

Surprisingly the people I photographed today were so amazing and positive, even though their houses had been destroyed and they were obviously still upset. Everyone just kept repeating how lucky they were to be alive and how fortunate it was that no one was hurt.

Angelo Genova, owner of the destroyed house in the background, surveys the ruins on his street after a tornado struck Vaughan Thursday night. Genova has lived in the home since 1975 and was in the basement with his family eating dinner when the storm struck.

Phil Genova, son of Angelo, is upset over the damage to his childhood house (on the left) and to his aunt's house on the right.

A worker removes fallen trees beside a house that was destroyed by the tornado.

Workers remove trees.

Damaged cars.

A car windshield is smashed by flying debris.

Neighbours survey the damage done by falling trees.