I bought more art!

I'm a big fan of 20 X 200 and now own a few images from the site. As a new homeowner it's nice to have some beautiful art from some incredibly talented photographers that doesn't break the bank.

So I was especially excited when I heard that 20 X 200 was selling images produced by Magnum photographer Paul Fusco that were shot from RFK's funeral train. All proceeds from the sale of this edition directly benefit the Magnum Foundation's Legacy Program, which is dedicated to preserving and making accessible materials related to the history of Magnum Photos.

The story behind the images is interesting. On June 6, 1968, while campaigning to be president, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. Two days later, his casket was placed on a special train bound for Arlington National Cemetery. The trip should have taken hours instead took all day, as thousands lined the track in a spontaneous outpouring of grief.

Fusco was the only journalist on the train, shooting for Look magazine, and took more than a thousand pictures from his window, many of which weren't seen by the public until 40 years later.

I purchased two 8X10 limited edition prints and am happy to own something by a Magnum photographer (something usually well beyond my means) of such an important part of American history, all while supporting a great cause.

All of the 8X10 prints are sold out but there are still other sizes available here.