Welcome to Thornfield

My friend Teresa's husband grew up in Uxbridge on a beautiful historic 50 acre property called Thornfield Hall. It's a beautiful sprawling space with a grand house, a pool, a few smaller structures and old barns on the property. Quite simply, it's stunning.

Since all four of the kids have flown the nest, his parents decided to sell the property and move to what sounds like an equally beautiful property (on the water!). So in a bid to say farewell to the space, the people and the neighbourhood, his parents hosted a small party and his children decided it would be a nice gift to have some photos of the property and the family taken to remember it by.

They couldn't have picked a more beautiful day for a party. It was sunny but cool with a light breeze and everyone, including Teresa's twins, enjoyed the day.

The family themselves seemed straight from a catalogue - all beautiful, lovely and casual in front of the camera. It was a wonderful shoot. There was so much to see and by the end of the evening the light was beautiful. I could have shot there forever.